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Re: Seeking for advice: Circular Build Dependencies.


Le 13/10/11 15:26, Reinhard Tartler a écrit :
> One solution would be to throw all sources into a big source package and
> build everything from that. 

Looks like the sane solution to me.

Another would be to, on the contrary, split the source packages, if
possible, to completely break the loop (not possible in your simplified
example, perhaps possible with the actual packages).

> Therefore, I've come up with this idea:
>  - create a 'libbar-bootstrap' source package, which ship only headers
>    -  that builds a libbar-boostrap-dev, which in turn provides: libbar-dev
>  - build foo against libbar-boostrap-dev
>  - build bar against libfoo-dev
>  - build foo again, this time against libbar-dev

I think this rebuild step is a no go. Oh, that way madness lies. Is it
necessary? Is foo fully functional when built against libbar-bootstrap-dev?

Regards, Thibaut.

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