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Re: RFS: uhub (closes ITP bug)

Boris Pek <tehnick-8@mail.ru> writes:

[debian/copyright; orig.tar.bz2]
> I really don't understand that do you want. Present information is enough
> to make own tarball.

The current version in git is perfect. Thanks!

>>> So .orig.tar.bz2 formed in such way:
>>> https://github.com/tehnick/deb_packages/blob/master/Debian/uhub/automatic_update_uhub#L77 
>> This could be included in the package sources, perhaps even worked into
>> debian/rules get-orig-source. That'd be awesome.
> Ok, I'll make it.
> "awesome"? In what sense?

"Awesome" as in very useful, lovely, good and that kind of stuff.

[/var/log/uhub; 0750 permissions]
> I have tried to follow by your recommendations.
> I have added file uhub.lintian-overrides:
> https://github.com/tehnick/uhub-debian/blob/master/debian/uhub.lintian-overrides
> But I still get the same lintian warning.
> What am I doing wrong?

Hrm. This looks ok to me at a glance. I'll have a second look later, and
see where things go wrong.


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