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RFS: assimp (3rd try)

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Dear mentors, sponsors and fellow Debianistas,

here is my third attempt to find a sponsor (or more reviewers) for my
package "assimp".

since the main package description has not really changed much since
last friday, i will give you just a quick overview about what has changed.
(full description can still be found at the end of this email)

- - removed debian/TODO

- - more cleanup in the python bindings (as hinted by jakub)

- - finally fixed the debian/libassimp2.symbols file (no more FTBFS on
 using gcc's visibility feature and a version-script, i managed to get
the count of exported symbols from 4167 (mainly internal classes,
libstdc++, boost and template expansion) down to 150;
 thanks a lot to jakub and sune on the IRC for providing a lot of useful
information that helped me on that quest

- - fixed a number of spelling mistakes in debian/patches and
debian/rules, which were spotted amazingly fast by jakub

i can hardly believe that so few DDs are interested in getting a nice
3d-scene importer library into Debian :-)


and here is the announcement/RFS

* Package name    : assimp
   Version         : 2.0.863+dfsg-1
   Upstream Author : ASSIMP Development team
 * URL             : http://assimp.sf.net
 * License         : BSD (3-clause)
   Section         : graphics

Assimp is a library to import a large number of well-known 3D model
formats ("assets") in a uniform manner. Assimp aims at providing a full
assetconversion pipeline for use in game engines / realtime rendering
systems of any kind but is not limited to this audience.
The library is designed for maximum stability and flexibility. While
written in C++, a pure C API exists, as well as bindings to various
other languages, including Python, D and Blitzmax. Assimp loads models
into a straightforward data structure for easy processing by your
application. Various post processing steps (such as general optimization
or computation of extra data like normal or tangent vectors) can be
executed on the imported data to suit your needs.

To access further information about this package, please visit the
following URL:


Alternatively, one can download the package with dget using this command:

 dget -x

the repository for the packaging can be found at

the package uses cdbs for packaging.
the package is lintian --pedantic clean.
the package has been repackaged to strip away non-dfsg parts from
upstream tarball.

i someone would be willing to have a look at it, i would be very

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