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Re: RFS: icecat

Andrew O. Shadoura wrote:
> Iceweasel is already free, isn't it?

Yes, but provides a mix of free and non-free add-ons, because uses the
Mozilla Firefox add-ons site.

>> It is (so far the only) part of Gnuzilla, the umbrella project
>> analogous to Mozilla. The base Mozilla code is free but it supports
>> and suggests using non-free plugins and other modules. GNU IceCat is
>> completely free, and suggests only free plugins to users.
> It's not about freedom, it's about limiting it for the users. Users
> must be free to install non-free extensions and plug-ins if they want
> to.

There is no limitation. Users can install non-free plugins if they
want. They can go to Firefox website and download them. The only
difference is that Gnu IceCat don't provide these non-free plugins at
its add-ons manager and then, users know that IceCat plugins are all

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