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Re: tkpath review


On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 15:46:48 +0300
"Andrew O. Shadoura" <bugzilla@tut.by> wrote:

> ix) Vcs-* fields. Put your packaging under version control and upload
> it to Alioth using whatever VCS you like (it may be Git or Mercurial
> or anything else). There are some tools which simplify (or not
> really) the workflow when using VCS, you may be interested in using
> them. Then uncomment Vcs-* fields and put the actual URLs there.
> Don't forget to commit changes!

Well, using VCS is entirely optional while it's definitely good and
recommended. In the case you have your reasons for not using it at all,
it's better to remove those commented fields.

WBR, Andrew

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