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Re: RFS: smarty

W dniu 11-08-01 17:43, Michael Shuler pisze:
> On 08/01/2011 07:23 AM, Wojciech Szaranski wrote:
>> Dear mentors,
>> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "smarty".
>> * Package name : smarty
>> Version : 3.0.8-5
>> Upstream Author : Monte Ohrt <monte@ohrt.com>, Uwe Tews
>> * URL : http://www.smarty.net/
>> * License : LGPL version 3
>> Section : web
>> It builds these binary packages:
>> smarty - Template engine for PHP
> I have looked no further than debian/changelog. Changelog entries
> should be one entry with the full changeset from the previous release
> into the debian archive. Yours shows 5 separate entries since the
> latest version 2.6.26-0.2.
> There are several reverse dependencies - have you tested out each of
> those against this new major upstream revision?
> Just a couple thoughts after a very quick look. :-)
I have misunderstood debian package versioning :)
I thinked that if I'm changing package I should change version number
regardless of that it was or wasn't uploaded into debian archive because
someone could use my packages apart of debian main repository.

I've testet this package with php-cli. This is php library so it must
work with apache module or php-cgi.

Is there any unified unit testing for packages? Could I write some
automated tests and run them on my next versions of package? (something
like phpunit for php classes;)

Smarty 3.x require php5 - older versions had less restrictive
requirements. Maybe I should rename my package to php5-smarty? There are
many php5-* libraries and I don't understand why smarty is different...

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