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Updates on debexpo

Hi all,

A few brief updates on expo.debian.net:

* I intend to import the passwords and accounts and packages from mentors.debian.net.

* expo.debian.net has had a bunch of bugs fixed.

* The canonical place for getting the code is the git.debian.org repository that http://wiki.debian.org/Debexpo mentions.

* Arno is working on some text cleanups.

* Arno (daemonkeeper), Signum (Christoph Haas), and I are working out the details of the production debexpo deployment. There are a few kinks here in terms of what particular VM is best-suited to what we want to do, so expect a delay of a day or two.

* The bug tracker used to have a problem where I couldn't mark bugs as fixed, but that has been resolved due to Lo-lan-do on #alioth!

* The debexpo app now has a "Reset my password" function, which it did not before.

-- Asheesh.

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