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Re: RFS: taxbird (updated package)

On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 10:52:08PM +0100, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> > I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.16-0.1
> > of the package "taxbird".
> > 
> > It builds these binary packages:
> > taxbird    - The first free Elster client (German Tax Declarations)
> > 
> [...]
> Could you please briefly explain why you are NMUing this package? Are you
> intending to take over package maintainership? What about the previous
> maintainer?

I am neither the previous mantainer not the person seeking
sponsorship, but I wholeheartedly support an upload of Taxbird.
Taxbird is a software that needs to be updated yearly to be usable,
and the last upload of taxbird was in February 2002. Taxbird is
unuseable to file tax declarations at the moment since it lacks 2011

See #619734, which has, however, recently seen Maintainer Activity,
where the Maintainer has indicated on May 10 that "uploading to
unstable will also be done in a few days."  Cc: ing this bug report.


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