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Re: RFS: xnoise

shuerhaaken <shuerhaaken@googlemail.com> wrote on 2011-07-06 12:54:

> My motivation for maintaining this package is: I am the developer of
> this program and I'd like to see it in Debian. In the past I packaged
> this only for Ubuntu via ppa, but that is not the way it should go.

Until now I haven't seen any ITP "bug report". Please do this at first.

Then please start with a fresh debian/changelog which show the resolved
ITP "bug" with "Closes: #...."

Checking of the file debian/rules I see:

	./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-soundmenu --disable-soundmenu2

but than you use the new way with "dh $@". Please search for a way using:
*  override_dh_auto_build
*  override_dh_auto_configure

Details see here:

Another point: What is the advantage of xnoise to other similar programs?

Have a nice day.

Joachim (Germany)

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