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Re: RFS: fgrun

> On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 6:07 PM, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> > Have you considered joining forces with the Games cabal [1]? I've uploaded this
> > package, but IMHO it makes much more sense if all the games-related packages are
> > dealt with in a much more consistent way.
> Michael, you seem to be sponsoring several games, have you considered
> joining the games team? If you would like to, we would be most
> appreciative, we can always use some extra sponsors. Tomorrows meeting
> is a good opportunity to get involved too.

Hmm, I'm not necessarily focussing on games; yet I am of course willing to
sponsor those package whenever time permits, but I don't think an honest
involvement with the games team is feasible for me. That said, neither can I
make it to the games meeting tomorrow as I've got a phone/web conference at
exactly that time. If there is any particular information that should be known
by sponsors, however, could you possibly post it to debian-mentors afterwards?

If you happen to get questions about how to get packages sponsored more easily:
please suggest that people do review each other's packages in response to an RFS
being sent to debian-mentors. Well, ideally those RFS wouldn't even end up in
the catch-all debian-mentors, but rather be handled by the Games team. I could
envision, however, that there is an occasional call for sponsoring a bunch of
Games packages to debian-mentors.

Hope this helps,

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