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Re: Version number adjustment needed?


* Stefan Denker <Stefan+Debian@dn-kr.de> [110623 10:03]:

> Upstream of a software package releases only a .zip-File containing only
> both source and binaries. So, I need to build my own orig.tar.gz .
> Now, if i build my orig-Tarball and exclude the binaries, do I have to
> append something to the version string to mark that I modified the
> source tarball?

Yes please.  That way, you
a) make sure everyone knows that you changes something and
b) in case you did something wrong when creating the modified tarball
you cann still create a new one, without using a awkward version:  If
you create 1.2.3.debian.1 you can always bump that to 1.2.3.debian.2.

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