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Re: RFS: JLDrill

This is again a request for a sponsor for JLDrill, a Japanese
language learning tool.  I'm not a Debian developer
and have had some difficulty making good packages.  I
appreciate your patience! :-)  This time I have removed the need for rake
to build the debian package.  I've left ruby, rspec, rcov and ruby-gems
in the build dependencies because they are  necessary if you
want to do development on JLDrill, but they should no longer
be necessary to build the debian package (I use the debhelper
scripts now).



Information about JLDrill -

Name: JLDrill
License: GPL3 with provision for GPL2 redistribution
Description: Japanese language drill program
 JLDrill is a program for helping people study and drill various aspects
 of the Japanese language. Current features include a variety of drills
 (kana, and vocabulary) a kanji and dictionary reference tool
 inspired by the firefox plugin Rikaichan, kanji stroke order
 diagrams, and vocabulary collocations using the Tanaka corpus (a
 series of example sentences in English and Japanese).  JLDrill's
 drills use a spaced repetition algorithm which is unique to it.
 This algorithm helps with initial acquisition of vocabulary, automatically
 grades item difficulty and improves the ability to deal with inconsistent
 review schedules.

JLDrill has been in development for about 5 years and has undergone
slow but steady development.  I believe it will make a good entry for
Debian since other spaced repetition software programs do not offer
specific language study features.  Similarly, Japanese language study
programs do not offer spaced repetition drill features.  Combining the
two dramatically reduces the amount of "busy work" that is required
when doing self-study.  My motivation for asking for inclusion is that
my users are requesting it.

Web page: http://jldrill.rubyforge.org/

         Mike Charlton

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