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Re: What to do about the situation with id3v2


On Wed, 27 Apr 2011 18:10:35 +0200
Stefan Ott <stefan@ott.net> wrote:

> - Port id3v2 to libid3tag [5]. This is a different id3 tagging library
> which supports v2.4 tags. I did some work in this direction but I
> realized that this would require major modifications to id3v2 since
> it's closely modeled around libid3. Also, some modifications to
> libid3tag would be required to support all the current features of the
> id3v2 program. My current estimate is that the work required for a
> complete port of id3v2 would be close to rewriting it from scratch and
> would result in a program that hardly shares any code with the current
> id3v2 tool.

You can also drop libid3 as it is now and write a wrapper around some
better ID3 tagging library that has the same (or compatible) interface
as libid3. Also, I'd merge id3 and id3v2 into one package, or even
one binary, which would behave differently depending on its argv[0].

WBR, Andrew

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