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Re: RFS: uthash (updated package)

Dear mentors,

unfortunately I got no replies to my RFS so I am trying again and give some 
additional information as motivation. Sponsoring the uthash package should be 
hassle-free because:

1) It has already been included in the repository of Debian and Ubuntu.
2) There are basically only header files as the hash map, list, etc 
functionality is provided as C pre-processor macros.
3) Lintian has not anything serious to complain about but that there is 
bashism in one of the scripts that are provided by upstream to compile the 
provided examples. They could even have been omitted from the package.
4) There are indeed users of uthash and I have been asked multiple times for 
updates as some important functionality is missing in the version that is in 
the repository.
5) The license is compatible: BSD revised

Unfortunately, my previous sponsor is supposedly MIA as he did not reply to my 
emails that I sent many months ago.

If you are interested in sponsering the uthash package please reply. More 
information is available here: http://uthash.sourceforge.net/

Best regards,


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