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Re: RFS: wiinux

* Geoff <mxondebian@free.fr>, 2011-05-13, 14:06:

There is obviously a problem with your upload.
You should provide upstream source as "wiinux_1.9.orig.tar.gz" along
with the debian tarball "wiinux_1.9-1.debian.tar.gz".
There is nothing to review here :/

Ineed, wiinux has been packaged as native package, whereas it should be non-native. This is quite a common mistake, please see:

However, such a mistake itself doesn't make the package unreviewable. (And I wish we could refrain from using strong words like "nothing to review here" gratuitously.)

That said, the package is affected by another bug, which does render it unusable: ./debian subdirectory is a broken symlink.

Oh, and please don't use python-central for new packages.

Jakub Wilk

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