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upstream source with debian directory

Dear list members,

I'm currently uploader for openswan were upstream ships it's own version of a
debian directory as they provide debs themselves (no chance to change this). As
the upstream source did contain non-free docs we had to repackage it anyway so
removing the debian directory too was not an extra step. But now upstream has
cleaned up their documentation and also removed the non-free parts so there is
no need anymore to do any repacking. The problem is that when importing the
upstream tar.gz with git-import-orig into the git repository the merge failes
as both the upstream and the master branch now contain a debian directory. How
can this problem be solved the best way? Continue the repackaging to remove the
debian directory? Apply a filter to git-import-orig? Just resolve the conflicts
and then continue the merge (and how)? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks and kind regards
Harald Jenny

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