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Re: RFS: ncrypt

In <20110219150340.GP11890@melusine.alphascorpii.net>, Alexander Reichle-
Schmehl wrote:
>> python-ncrypt - Python wrapper for OpenSSL
>> My motivation for maintaining this package is: Dropbox, another package
>> which I plan to upload, depends on this package.
>Uhm... AFAIK dropbox used some lgpl libraries, and now we add openssl
>stuff?  Did anyone checked, if that's okay license wise?

LGPL + OpenSSL should be fine.  It's GPL + OpenSSL that is a problem, since 
GPL required the combined work be available under the terms of the GPL and 
those are incompatible with one or two clauses in the OpenSSL license.

LGPL makes fewer requirements on the programs that link with it with can be 
satisfied at the same time as the OpenSSL license.  Basically, you have to 
take the minimum steps to allow your software to be linked against a 
compatible version of the LGPL code.

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