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Re: installing an end user editable file

Kris Deugau <kdeugau@vianet.ca> writes:

> james frize wrote:
> > However, I can't open a file from /usr/share via my python script as
> > I don't have permission to open files in a protected directory
> >              print "loading links.txt from usr/share/doc/gtk-link-lizard..."
> >              try:
> >                  self.text_file =
> > open("usr/share/doc/gtk-link-lizard/links.txt","r")
> Check your filesystem paths carefully; unless I totally misunderstand
> some bizarre aspect of Python syntax, you're trying to open
> "usr/share/doc/gtk-link-lizard/links.txt" relative to whatever the
> code thinks the current directory is […]

You understand correctly. James has confused absolute paths with
relative paths.

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