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Re: installing an end user editable file

2011/2/13 james frize <jamesfrize@gmail.com>:
> Got my Debian packages almost fully working now, everything
> installs/uninstalls without error.
> However, when I try to run the newly installed program it wont work
> properly as it lacks permission to save to file.
> My program loads a list of hyperlinks from a text file (links.txt),
> this text file is currently in usr/share/<packagename> (I've also
> tried to install it directly to home/<user>/Documents but that didn't
> work either)
> I want my makefile to install links.txt in a manner that will allow my
> end user to write to the file without permission violation.

Sounds like the file should be installed by the program if it is not
found. A default file can be placed in and copied from
/usr/share/<packagename> if it is provided. I don't think
/home/<user>/Documents is a good place for this; prefer
~/.<packagename>/links.txt instead. You'll probably have to patch up
the source code.

If the upstream package wants to modify something in /usr/share, it
violates the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.


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