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CFLAGS in d/rules (and Debian policy) [Was: Re: RFS: mpg321 (updated package, 2nd try)]

>  - The CFLAGS in d/rules overrides flags set by dpkg-buildflags, which
>    makes it more difficult to rebuild the package with different default
>    flags (see man dpkg-buildflags).

I see that the example in the Debian policy on build options [1] also
overrides the flags set by dpkg-buildflags. So is this an example how it
should NOT be done and should this be changed as well?

I try to add some option to the CFLAGS, but seem not to be able to do it
properly without specifying my own CFLAGS. My idea would be that you
just use """CFLAGS+=some_option_here""" in your d/rules, but trying this
out just gives me a CFLAGS with only my "some_option_here". So this can
not be correct. It seems that d/rules does not have any CFLAGS available
before I set them to any value. I must be overseeing something, so can
you give an example, in mail or web page link, on how to properly
implement adding options to CFLAGS in d/rules.

Kind regards


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