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In search of a new sponsor and mentor

Hi all,

My name is Chris Carr, and I took over as maintainer of the package
angband, by agreement with the previous maintainer, in early 2009. He
kindly mentored me for over a year through two releases, but we lost
touch after he moved jobs last spring.

There is a new, stable upstream release of Angband - 3.2.0 - which I
have packaged for Debian:


The orig.tar.gz is at
http://rephial.org/downloads/3.2/angband-3.2.0.tar.gz. The package is
lintian-clean, except for one warning about >50% arch-independent data.
I'm happy to split it into two packages, but don't know how to build two
binary packages from a single source package. If someone can point me
towards a package which does this using Manoj's scripts, I'll work it
out. The package installs, upgrades and purges with no problems. The
master upstream repo is http://github.com/angband/angband, and the
packaging repo is git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/angband.git

I've also packaged the sounds in a new non-free angband-audio package
(ITP #576029):


The orig.tar.gz is at http://www.dubtrain.com/angband/dasp_v31.zip, but
I had to convert them to oggs to work properly with the SDL mixer used
by angband, so I made a new orig.tar.gz at:


This works fine for the build (again, it's lintian-clean), but I'm a
little fuzzy on whether this is the right thing to do to the
orig.tar.gz file. If I try to package oggs against the original zip
file of wavs, I get "unrepresentable changes to source". The package
installs with no problems. There is one minor bug on removal which I'd
like some help with (reinstating a config file from the angband
package). I have created a repo at

I also aspire to maintain angband-doc if Manoj agrees, and to package
one or more angband variants. I'd be most grateful if someone with spare
mentoring capacity wished to get in touch. I am not averse to learning
new packaging methods if necessary.



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