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Re: esekeyd and triggerhappy (Re: RFS: triggerhappy)

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 11:43:17AM +0100, Stefan Tomanek wrote:
> Dies schrieb Stanislav Maslovski (stanislav.maslovski@gmail.com):
> > Just a note for completeness: although not properly documented, acpid
> > reacts to quite a few non-acpi events, including volume control
> > buttons and cd-related buttons found on many laptops (as of ver. 2.0.7).
> It didn't use to to this; the thinkpad acpi module switching from acpi to input
> events was the main motivation to develop the perl based precursor to
> triggerhappy (called magmakeys back then).

I see. Acpid supported the input layer since around the end of 2008
and the support for some audio and video buttons was there since
around the end of 2009 (but almost nobody was aware of that, I
believe). CD-related buttons were added recently.


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