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RFS: gummi - GTK+ based LaTeX editor with auto refreshing preview pane

Hi guys,

I'm requesting for sponsorship towards Gummi, the fine little GTK+ based LaTeX editor with
auto-refreshing preview pane developed by Alexander van der Mey and Wei-Ning Huang.

The ITP (#557430) is over an year old - in the meanwhile Gummi has been implemented completely in C.

I've pushed the latest 0.5.4 as initial release as gummit.git/debian to collab-maint @ Alioth when
I've seen that the former maintainer has left a patch and an upstream version on an older Python
rev. but the program has never got into unstable so far. The programmers have provided home made
Ubuntu packets so far and would be very happy to see it getting into Debian finally.

My builds here are lintian clean.

Much greetings,
Daniel Stender

GPG key ID: 1654BD9C

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