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Re: Depositing source archive at Alioth.

On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 2:24 AM, Mats Erik Andersson
<mats.andersson@gisladisker.se> wrote:

> It is exactly here that I get insecure. For the time being, i.e., as long
> the ITP is going on, there is no "rgbpaint_0.8.7.orig.tar.bz2" available
> anywhere in a Debian repository, so I would like to find a natural location
> for depositing the archive. Ideally it should not be handled by any VCS,
> just be considered as a fixed artifact, until I manage to see the package
> progress into NEW. (I have a volunteering sponsor already.)

Personally I would just add a watch file and or get-orig-source
target, sponsors will need and use those anyway.



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