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Re: Conflicts vs Replaces vs Provides

Am 05.12.2010 um 12:05 schrieb Harald Dunkel:

> I found this in debian/control for libgl1-mesa-glx:
> 	:
> 	Conflicts: libgl1, libgl1-mesa-dri (<< 6.4.0)
> 	Replaces: libgl1, libgl1-mesa-dri (<< 6.4.0)
> 	Provides: libgl1
> 	:
> This looks weird to me. How can it replace and conflict with
> its own virtual package name?

There is nothing wrong with that, packages providing
mail-transport-agent are in the same situation.

> Doesn't this mean that no other
> packages providing libgl1 can be installed,

Not along libgl1-mesa-glx, yes.  It's not like there are many other
providers currently.

> making /etc/alternatives useless?

There are no alternatives in the libgl1-mesa-glx package, could you
please elaborate?

> Any helpful comment would be highly appreciated.

Hope this was helpful enough.  What do you want to do, anyway?


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