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Re: RFS: bluecove, bluecove-gpl

Hi Chris,

> I have nearly completed these changes now. However I am having problems
> with the three files listed below. All files are required to build, even
> thought they are not part of the release jar. I guess that rules out
> just removing them?
> What is the best way to proceed now? The options I can think of are,
> find out where these files come from and what licences and copyright
> apply, then if possible upload the bluecove package to unstable and
> bluecove-gpl to contrib, or, package the source of these files
> seperately and if possible add to non-free, then upload both packages to
> contrib.


> > - There is missing/incomplete license information in three source files:
> > ./src/main/java/com/sun/cdc/io/ConnectionBaseInterface.java: *No copyright* UNKNOWN
> > ./src/main/java/com/ibm/oti/connection/CreateConnection.java: UNKNOWN
> > ./src/main/java/com/ibm/oti/vm/VM.java: UNKNOWN
> >   All of them carry a marker "Not in distributed bluecove jar", but this doesn't
> >   make the source of those files distributable. I guess you will have to repack
> >   the tarball to produce a DFSG-free version.


If these files completely lack copyright information, it might not even be legal
to distribute them. The proper approach would definitely be to track down where
they come from and fix the copyright&license information. Maybe they are part of
some larger source package which has its license stated in a separate file!?

Best regards,

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