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Re: ITS: webfs (updated package)

fredag den  3 december 2010 klockan 12:56 skrev Alexander Reichle-Schmehl detta:
> Hi!
> Am 02.12.2010 23:53, schrieb Mats Erik Andersson:
> > I am looking for a sponsor for the version 1.21+ds1-8
> > of my package "webfs".
> [..]
> > The package appears to be lintian clean.
> > 
> > The upload would fix these bugs: 605690, 605691.
> I'm looking at it now...  Just one question, is there a reason why you
> use "rm $TEMPCONFFILE 2>/dev/null || true" instead of "rm -f $TEMPCONFFILE"?
> It's not wrong, but longer ;)

No really valid reason at all, only that the policy mandates maintainer
scripts to append the "or-true construct" to capture exceptional states.
My first formulation used "rm -f". Then I came to think of lintian
complaining on this within the rules file, and again pointing to the
"or-true" mechanism.

I could use a piece of advice here, and I do not object to changing
the formulation back again!

Best regards,


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