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Re: RFS: webhoneypot

Hi Benoit,

Benoît Knecht wrote:
> Hi Christian,
>  - lintian isn't completely happy yet:
>      I: webhoneypot: using-first-person-in-description line 5: we

>      P: webhoneypot: no-upstream-changelog
Yes, there is no one (I put this in the lintian-overrrides)

>      W: webhoneypot: script-not-executable
> ./usr/share/webhoneypot/update/update-templates.php
Um....? it is executable

>      W: webhoneypot: maintainer-script-empty preinst

>  - You don't seem to have taken Ansgar's remark into account ("I would
>    not expect packages to install a virtual host configuration in
No, I didn't
Why? _I_ expect a virtual host configuration in the sites-available
directory of apache (read: not the sites-enabled directory!). I hate it
when I have to search the documentation to find the example config (like
in squirrelmail or mediawiki or...). And the sites-available directory is
for site-configs that are _available_ and I first look there. The site can
simply be enabled with "a2ensite <sitename>".

>  - There's an empty debian/webhoneypot.linitian-overrides file; delete
>    it.
Not empty anymore

>  - Your debian/watch file is empty too; you should fix it or remove it.

(form the lintian error description)
If the package is not maintained upstream or if upstream uses a
distribution mechanism that cannot be meaningfully monitored by uscan and
the Debian External Health Status project, please consider adding a
debian/watch file containing only comments documenting the situation. 
I'm already in contact with the upstream author. He will put something up
that is (hopefully) readable by the googlecode-redirector. So the file
will be filled with content.

>  - man/webhoneypot.conf.1 should be in section 5.
Yes, your're right, fixed

>  - Several of your files have trailing whitespace or extra newlines at
>    the end (at least
>    debian/{README.debian,control,prerm,rules,postrm,patches/debian-changes-0.1.r123-1}
do); it would be nice to clean that up.
I've gone through the files and deleted empty lines if needed.

Thanks for the reply.
One question: how did you get lintian to report the "first-person..." and
"no-upstream-changelog..." ? I searched the documentation and my googlefoo
is weak today.

I'll wait with the new package till I can configure debian/watch i.e. the
upstream author puts a file in the downloads-section - could be that this
demands a new version numbering.

73 es 55,


Christian Pohl

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