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Re: Sponsors and ‘UNRELEASED’ suite (was: RFS: Didjvu, Djvusmooth, Ocrodjvu, Pybtex)

Hi Ben (2010.11.05_23:18:41_+0200)
> Is this common practise among sponsors?

It is for debian-python. I don't have any experience with other
SVN-using teams.

> If the above convention (the sponsor will change ‘UNRELEASED’ to the
> appropriate suite name before re-building) is common, is it documented
> anywhere?

No idea about documentation, I've just been told to do this on the IRC
channel. The closest is:
* After upload, tag the latest revision running svn-buildpackage
  --svn-tag-only into 'package-foo' directory.
from http://python-modules.alioth.debian.org/python-modules-policy.html

Yes, it does mean the sponsoree has to state which suite is desired. But
it saves on a lot of untagging and retagging in each round of review,
and makes it a little easier to know the state of things when reading
the repo.


Stefano Rivera
  H: +27 21 465 6908 C: +27 72 419 8559  UCT: x3127

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