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Re: watch file and kde-looks

On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 02:28:29AM +0100, Iker Salmón San Millán wrote:
> I am trying to edit properly watch file in order tu be able to use uscan but
> i can't do it.
> I've tried a lot of combinations with no results.  I tought that th solution
> was going to be with downloadurlmangle option but i still have no results
> I don't know if it's posible to configure it with kde-look.

Which is the canonical place where the author publish the tarball ? 
> I have also been looking wih githubredir.debian.net but i don't know if it
> works also with gitorius
> http://gitorious.org/wicd-client-kde/
> where can i read anything else to find a clue?

Something like
will work (but gitorious first reply is NOK, until the tarball is generated
i.e. a few seconds).

Simon Paillard

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