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Re: RFS: obdgpslogger [ITP #580176]

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:50:57PM +0200, Niels Thykier wrote:
> > * Package name    : obdgpslogger
> >   Version         : 0.15-1
> >   Upstream Author : Gary Briggs <chunky@icculus.org> [myself]
> > * URL             : http://icculus.org/obdgpslogger/
> > * License         : GPLv2+
> >   Section         : science
> > 
> > It builds these binary packages:
> > obdgpslogger - Suite of tools to log OBDII and GPS data
> First off, thanks for your interest in packaging this package for
> Debian. I have done a little review of your package, though IANADD so I
> cannot upload your package even if you address all my comments. Also a
> DD may have additional comments on top of mine.

I really appreciate your taking the time to look at it.

> As far as I can tell the package embeds a copy of sqlite3, which is
> already packaged in Debian (as libsqlite3-dev). Optimally you would not
> ship this in your tarball at all.

I've added an option to my build to use the system-wide sqlite3 library
instead of the included one, and modified the rules file to set that
option in the debian build.

> There are several files in the package not under GPL v2; you can find
> some (possibly all) of them by running:
>   licensecheck -r  * | grep  -v v2\ or\ later

I've added the files in question to the copyright file. I explicitly
disavow copyright on a couple of files, and I added the GPL header to
the top of the others.

The only remaining file is a simple shell script that's provided
only as an example in doc/ in the source package. Do I need to
explicitly mention it anywhere? It's not distributed in the final
package. We're in the realm of this GPL FAQ here:

I'll upload a new package once I know what to do about that.

> Their copyright holders and licenses should be listed in
> debian/copyright. Also "Michael Carpenter" is listed as a copyright
> holder of a handful of files, but he is not mentioned in d/copyright.

I've added Michael to the copyright holders list.

> On a related note, the copyright file refers to the versionless GPL from
> common-licenses, which implies Debian is relicensing it under GPL-3 or
> later (lintian finds this with issue --pedantic).


> Your package is also missing a watch file (lintian reports this with
> - -I). Even though you are your own upstream and therefore undeniable
> aware of new upstream releases it is good practise for future packages -
> and it would also be nice to have in case you at some point in the
> future retire either your upstream or your downstream "hat".


> I did not have time to run test it - unfortunately I do not own hardware
> needed either, so at best I would run the simulator.

Understandable. The only part that communicates with the hardware is
obdgpslogger itself. All the other binaries are utilities associated
with the logfiles created [or the sim].

To try obdgpslogger attached to the sim, you can do it in one step
["obdsim -o"], or multiple steps:
1) Run "obdsim" without parameters
2) Read the "SimPort name"; on *nix this is a pty.
3) Run "obdgpslogger -t -s <simport name>"
The "-t" flag is "spam stdout"; you'll know if stuff's working because
you see some numbers appear. The default logfile name is "obdgpslogger.db"

Once you see it working, you can use obd2csv to create a csv file
from the logfile just created:
obd2csv -d obdgpslogger.db -o obdgpslogger.csv

Thank-you so much for taking the time to look at this,
Gary (-;

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