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Re: RFS: marave

Le jeudi 19 août 2010 18:19:17, Chris Silva a écrit :
> I would be absolutely thrilled if someone would uploaded this package for
> me!

Some remarks based on a quick checkup of the sources -- not tried to compile 

 * If you are repacking the sources, the convention is usually to rename it 
with dfsg in its version and to document the changes in a debian/README.Debian 
file (in this case, you may also want to mangle debian/watch to make it work 
with your dfsg version..)

 * For some reasons the files in debian/ are all executable. You should find out 
why and fix it.

 * I don't think you need an override for the lintian no-upstream-changelog 
warning. This is a pedantic warning, it does not deserve such a treatment -- 
but this is not something you HAVE to fix :)

 * I am not sure that the format for long description is correct. A list can 
be simply written:
  * Foo
  * Bar

 * I think the short description should be more concise. In particular, it 
does not use you in general and rarely the article "a". Something like:
    "simple and clean text editor" would be better.

 * Similarly, the long description is a bit verbose something like:

 Marave ("nothing" or "it doesn't matter" in guaraní) is 
 a simple, clean text editor that doesn't distract you
 from your writing.
    * Clean interface. Most of the time: NO interface
    * Pretty
    * Customizable
 Options include custom background, spell-checker, 
 syntax highlighting, musical background and keyboard

Otherwise, the package looks clean and the work in debian/copyright serious. 
Please contact me back when you have fixed the above points so we can continue 
the review process..


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