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Re: Package Configuration

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 02:35:13PM +0100, Chris Baines wrote:
> Sorry for the ambiguous message subject, one of the packages I am
> building creates configuration files in the users home directory.
> However when I purge the package these files do not get deleted. 
> Does anyone know where I can find the relevant Debian documentation
> describing how to setup the package so that it behaves as expected? Does
> anyone know of any packages with this kind of setup so I can have an
> example to work off?

Package scripts shouldn't ever mess directly with files in homedirs.
It's fine that the packaged application itself may create user
configuration and may even remove user configuration, but the
packaging must not. It's simply a fact of life that if you install
some packaged application and run it, and then uninstall that
application later, you're likely to have cruft in your home
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