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Default Configuration Issues

Hey Mentors,

I'm a co-maintainer on the "Fluxbox" package.

I have recently moved to packaging their git head, as their last
release was 2008 ( even though they have had regular development since
then ).

The stock ( un-configured ) behavior of Fluxbox was to allow
window-dragging with a left-click. This has been changed for the next
release ( and thusly, the git head ).

Since this was stock before, the old version of the debian keys file
does not have the configuration directive ( OnTitlebar Mouse1
:StartMoving ) to enable left-click window moving. I found this out
early, and patched the global configuration file. Fluxbox, however,
copies the file to the ~/.fluxbox folder, and uses that without
checking for additional directives in the global conf file. Whoops.

This is causing breakage of old installs that are upgrading. What is
the "right" way of fixing this?

-Paul Tagliamonte

#define sizeof(x) rand()

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