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Re: purging upstream source tarball, or not?

Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:

> 2010/7/17 Sébastien Barthélemy <barthelemy@crans.org>:
>> The project is quite inactive, I don't think they'll bother to make a
>> new release. But, I'll file a bug.
> An inactive upstream is another problem. I would suggest joining or
> taking over upstream. At least alioth and sf.net allow abandoned
> project takeovers if the current maintainers are MIA, other sites
> might too. Starting a fork is another option if their hosting site
> doesn't allow that.
>> I could also do it in a patch. Is there any reason debian/rules is better?
> A patch adds another copy of the code, this time in
> debian/patches/remove-foo.patch whereas you just add a line or two to
> debian/rules.

To understand why that is better it helps to know that files that are
completly removed do not show up in the diff.gz or
debian/patches/debian-changes* when you build the source
package, dpkg-source ignores them.


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