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Re: Help for watch file


Le mardi 13 juillet 2010 20:53:20, Paul Wise a écrit :
> It does mean more work for Google since they have to inform every
> engineer working on the download stuff of the need to keep URL schemes
> useful for autodownloaders.

Well, I am not sure they want to allow this as well..

> There 3 redirectors curently (sf, github, and google code) and all of
> them have been around for a while, I'm skeptical that any of these
> systems are going to change for us any time soon. Probably the best
> way to deal with that is to add code to uscan to do add the right opts
> rather than creating redirect sites.

That would be ideal because redirectors can also be a good factorization to 
avoid having the same arcane tricks in every watch file that needs to check a 
major download provider..


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