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Re: karmic whois versus lucid mkpasswd

I tried doing the adding ~karmic and ~lucid to the filename with the
control contents changed to whois and mkpasswd respectively but I am
getting this after adding the ~lucid astronaut-common file:

[root@labtest1 deb]# reprepro includedeb karmic karmic/*.deb
ERROR: 'karmic/astronaut-common-0.9-5~karmic1.i686.deb' cannot be
included as 'pool/main/a/astronaut-common/astronaut-co
Already existing files can only be included again, if they are the
same, but:
md5 expected: f44f7114b4e0403cc358d0f52d58aca3, got:
sha1 expected: 3bc697d12245673e422753ce9e7f0bff30ff0822, got:
sha256 expected:
0cb5b5797d37baa3972bb5dd535e03e340537318bc5c024383e62287b3436af9, got:
size expected: 239098, got: 238974
There have been errors!

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 3:46 PM, Ignacio Valdes <ivaldes@hal-pc.org> wrote:
> Hi, The Astronaut package has a dependency on the mkpasswd command
> which was in the whois package in Karmic and is now in the mkpasswd
> package in Lucid. How does one make this work for apt-get using
> reprepro pool? When I reprepro includedeb karmic astronaut-common.deb
> with the whois package dependency in control rather than the
> makepasswd dependeny it flags it as not being allowed to the pool
> because it isn't the same file. Hmmmm. I would rather have one
> astronaut-common that covers both dependencies for both distros but I
> do not know how as they seem to be mutually exclusive.
> -- IV

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