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Re: RFS: cortina

2010/6/25 Eric Baudach <Eric.Baudach@web.de>:
> I don't think that this creates a slideshow. You didn't even taken a
> look at my program, right?

The question you should ask yourself now instead is:
Does he need to take a look at my program OR
shouldn't it be enough to have a look at the Description
in the debian/control file to understand what the program does.

People browsing for software will use this description to decide
if your package/program is useful for them or not. And the first
person you want to "sell" your application to is your sponsor…

… but isn't a place for marketing non sense either!
See the New Maintainer Guide on how to write the optimal description.
Make sure to read the Guide in general and have a look at
debian packagers best friend "lintian". You said in your request
that your package is lintian clean, but alone from looking at the
length of the long description this can't be true…

Bonushint: As you are not a native english speaker
(but also if you would be) you can ask for help in the
debian-l10n-english list to find the best wording.

Best regards,

David Kalnischkies

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