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Re: desktopnova (rename packages or change dependencies?)

Stefan Haller wrote:

> I’m the maintainer of the desktopnova package[1]. At the moment I’m
> trying to
> fix bug #583756[2]. The binary packages have circular dependencies.
> Currently there are four binary packages:
>  * desktopnova
>  * desktopnova-module-gnome
>  * desktopnova-module-xfce
>  * desktopnova-tray
> desktopnova depends on desktopnova-module-gnome | desktopnova-module-xfce
> desktopnova-module-* depends on desktopnova (=$version)
> This quote from my reply to the bug report should describe the situation:
> > The main package “desktopnova” provides only the user interface and the
> > background daemon. The daemon uses modules (plugins) which contain the
> > features the user expects. These modules are packaged as
> > “desktopnova-modules-*”. Before the modules are fully loaded, the version of
> > the main program and the modules are checked. If they’re not equal, the module
> > is discarded.
> >
> > No error will be raised if the main program has no modules or the
> > modules are installed without the main package. But if the main package is
> > installed, the version must (ok, should -- no error will be raised either) be
> > equal to the version of the installed modules.
> As far as I can see, there are currently two ways to avoid circular
> dependencies:

I would expect a simple third solution:

desktopnova depends on the modules with equal version
the modules don't depend on desktopnova at all

Why do they depend on desktopnova atm? They don't contain anything that can be run
by a user and requires desktopnova. Do they? Just imagine a library. It won't do
anything useful without any application using it. But we don't let the library depend
on applications using it. Let the modules packages suggest desktopnova if you want.
But having them installed does not raise any technical reason, why desktopnova must be
present at the system.

The version requirement can be easily fulfilled via the desktopnova control fileds.

Regards, Daniel
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