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Re: RFS: trimage

Hi, Kilian.

On Jun 01 2010, Kilian Valkhof wrote:
> I have updated the short description to "A GUI and command-line
> interface to optimize image files via various command line tools" and
> pushed these to mentors.debian.net

Since the long description mentions how it performs things, you can keep
the short description shorter. BTW, the "A" article could be dropped.

Also, why is this package native? A native package is, by definition,
one that only matters to Debian and no distribution or operating system
else. You should fix this.

The long description should have its lines wrapped. The package browsers
are intelligent enough to know when lines should be wrappred and they
they shouldn't when they display the messages to the users.

Nitpick: some consistency in the spaces in the versioned
(build-)dependencies would be good.

I am not exactly sure if you need a build-dependency on python once
python-central is installed (I am not experienced with python), but I
would say that it isn't.

The changelog doesn't close an ITP bug in the first release. Is that


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