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Re: "what it's like" to be old debian maintainer

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 03:04:13AM +0100, J??r??my Lal wrote:
> i'm wondering what happens when you spent hours and
> years dealing with debian... is it something you don't regreat ?

I was wondering if you meant someone who is old who is a Debian
maintainer or someone who has been involved in Debian for a long time.

I've been working in the Debian project for over 13 years. While there
have been highs and lows I don't regret the time.

> I'm in the learning curve and it's still very interesting,
Debian is evolving. It gets better and generally learns from its
mistakes.  A good example of that is the glibc/libc transistions but
there is so much going on now. 

You'll get better too usually after making some mistakes 
(In 1997, I once installed /bin/ps as /bin; hopefully noone remembers that)

I've been playing around with computer and programming since the very 
early 80s and writing free software since 1994 and I'm still learning
new things.

So don't worry about running out of new things to see and do in Debian.

 - Craig
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