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Re: Use of DM-Upload-Allowed field

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 22:19, Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de> wrote:
> Sandro Tosi <morph@debian.org> wrote:
>> No, the correct process would be:
>> 1. prepare a package
>> 2. upload it to mentors.d.n
>> 3. find a sponsor
>> 4. reiterate 1-3 for "some times" then ask the sponsor to add the DM
>> flag. This should be done by the sponsor since he trusts you can
>> manage that package correctly without supervision.
> Then the DMUA line inside the package is the older way and no more
> recommended for an Debian Maintainer?

mh? As Paul said, and I reaffirmed, the DMUA flag should be set by the
sponsor (or by the sponsoree after a request for the sponsor), not
silently added by the sponsoree without coordination with the usual

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