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RFS: ipheth

Dear mentors.

I think that I'm still in need of a sponsor for my package ipheth.
I've had an offer from Asheesh Laroia to review the package, I haven't
had a response from him for a couple of weeks now. I suspect he has
become snowed under with other obligations. I believe the package to
be 100% complete, and should not need much work before upload.

The package provides internet tethering support through the Apple
iPhone. There are already a number of users of my Ubuntu PPA package,
but I would like this package to enter Debian where it will be
maintained long term. The package provides the following packages:

ipheth-utils - a pairing utility and udev rules for the kernel driver
ipheth-dkms - package which builds and install the ipheth kernel driver.

More info can be found on the ipheth home page:


The package VCS can be found here:


The package can be downloaded here:


I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at the
package and with some luck, upload it for me.

Many thanks.

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