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Tools for creating / editing manpages


A while back I asked in #debian-mentors about tools / editors to build man 
pages without to learn the groff / nroff / etc.

I had many useful suggestions and I'd like to summarize the approach I 
followed at the end as a way to thank the people who step in to help 
(particularly René Mayorga, as he suggested DocBook and docbook2man).

As I was adapting information from a Web page to a man page, so the pandoc 
package comes handy:

  pandoc --from=html --to=docbook input.html output.xml

the XML produced is not the type of DocBook input taken by other tools that 
produce man pages; here another package comes handy, doclifter. This program 
tries to infer logical markup from presentational markup. If you take any 
existing man page, you can get a working skeleton:

  doclifter manpage.1

To produce man pages from DocBook source, the best results I got came from 
docbook2x package:

  docbook2x-man man-page-in-docbook-format.xml

Finally, I tried two editors for editing the xml:




I recommend xmlcopyeditor.



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