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Re: How to remove the relation between a file and a .deb package


On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 03:44:54PM +0100, M. Frey wrote:

> I got the Package A with the version 1.0 and 2.0. From version 2.0
> on it's not necessary to keep track of the file fileB.txt. But I
> want to keep fileB.txt on the target system anyway.

This means that systems that never had version 1.0 installed will be
different from systems that were upgraded. The point of having a package
manager is to avoid precisely this situation.

What is the actual use case? What does "fileB.txt" actually do so that
this is desired?

> Is there any key word in the control file? Or is there a special
> file, which lists "dependencies to delete"?

No, dpkg removes any files that are no longer part inside the tar file
embedded in the package (i.e. the absence of the file in the new package
is the trigger for its deletion).

> What happens if the same file is contained in two packages and one
> of them gets removed?

Then those two packages would have had an agreement on who provides that
file (i.e. one of them declares a Replaces: relation on the other),
otherwise it would not be possible to install both packages at the same


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