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A stale library: libtwofish-dev

Dear mentors,

I have for some time had the inert package libtwofish-dev in mind.
It has been untouched since September 2002, and is not noticeably nurished
by its author Niels Ferguson, ever since AES won the first price.

My query concerns the prospects of seeing an evaluation of a reworked
packaging after a new audit of the code, should I undertake this out
of scientific curiosity? Or, could it be the case, that the developers
and mentors are a priori inclined to let this package fall into oblivion?

Anyway, being a former research mathematician, I possess the skills to
bring the package back in shape, but I want to protect myself against
futile time waste. At present I do know that the package library uses
at least two questionable logical connectives, rendering the in-built
self-test of uncertain value as of this time.

I would really appreciate a pointer on this subject.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson

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