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Re: Copyright if package is taken over?

On Oct 18, 2009, at 6:39 AM, Harry Rickards wrote:
The package I maintain (lives) is based on Gerkan Senguns package. His package had many lintian problems, so I removed all lintian warnings and got the package uploaded to Debian. Since then I've updated the package with new upstream versions many times. When the package was first uploaded, Gerkan said I could remove all the debian/changelog entries by him. The debian/copyright still lists him as debianizing the package, and licenses the packaging to him (under GPLv3). If I leave the bit listing him as origionally debianizing the package and copyright the packaging to me, saying I origionally based the package on his package, would that conform to GPLv3 and Debian Policy?

Seems to me that you should leave his entry, noting whatever years he worked on it; then add yours to it..

Robert James Clay

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