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Re: Fw: RFS: python-coverage 3.0.1-1

Ben Finney wrote:

> The changelog entry for ‘debhelper’ 7.3.5 says:
>   * python_distutils buildsystem: Build for all supported Python
>     versions that are installed. Ensure that correct shebangs are
>     created by using `python' first during build and install.
>     Closes: #520834
>     Also build with python*-dbg if the package build-depends
>     on them.
> What does it mean “if the package build-depends on them”? If “them”
> means “debug packages”, why would any non-debug package depend on a
> debug package?

Checking if -dbg interpreters are installed is not enough to decide if you want
to buiid with them as you don't necessarily have a clean chroot. So dh needs to
look into the build-deps.

>> debian/python-coverage.dirs:
>> * Useless.
> I can't find where ‘/usr/bin/’ is excluded from requirement to be
> created; is it in a part of Policy that I've overlooked?

There is no need to use a .dirs file if setup.py creates the directory for you.

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