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Some guidance with library package building

Hello, I request the help of a mentor to aid me with some package building issue.

Currently I'm developing a library and a command line tool with Autotools. I have 3 directories: lib for the library code, include for the headers and src for the command tool code.
Then I decided to build a Debian package. Using dh_make I choosed "l" to make a library package following the steps of the official documentation.
Then I fill as correctly as I can all fields on debian/control file for the 2 packages that are to be generated: libfoo and libfoo-dev. I want libfoo to contain the lib*so.* files compiled in /lib directory and libfoo-dev to contain all *.h files (/include) and *.a files (/lib)
When I run debuild this generates empty packages (none of my files, only DEBIAN files). Then I discovered that copying the proper autotools directories into debian/libfoo1/usr and debian/libfoo-dev/usr I could include the files I needed.

I try to figure how must I modify the main Makefile to copy automatically all files to debian/libfoo directories


    cp -r lib $(DESTDIR)/
    cp -r include $(DESTDIR)/
    cp -r src/foo $(DESTDIR)/bin

debian/rules --->

install: build
    $(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/libfoo1 install
    $(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/libfoo1-dev install

But this copies ALL files and directories and the 2 .deb generated packages contains all .so, .a and .h files. Then I found 2 files: libfoo1.install and libfoo-dev.install that are but patterns for files that are to be installed (include) in each package. How can I use this files? It's any automatic way to do this? Do I need modify the debian/rules or the main Makefile or both?

Thanks in advance.

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