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Re: script-not-executable

> Od: Christoph Egger <debian@christoph-egger.org>

JM> > Hello mentors,
JM> > One package I am preparing for upload has this warning:
JM> > W: lv2fil: script-not-executable ./usr/lib/lv2/filter.lv2/ui
JM> > Can someone advise me how to fix it please?
CE> Let me guess, the file has a shebang (#!/usr/bin/python or such) and is
CE> not +x? Guessing from the location I'd say remove the shebang line to
CE> fix the warning.

JM> > you are right this file starts (#!/usr/bin/env python) and is +x in source,
JM> but not apparently in package.
JM> > Is it right way to touch source like this? I thought that I should make it +x
JM> in package again somehow.

CE> Well it probably doesn't make much sense to have this file executeable,
CE> right? Or is someone giong to call it directly? If there's no need for
CE> the file to be executeable the right solution is to have the  shebang
CE> removed. Whether this is to be implemented upstream or in Debian is
CE> another issue of course but I'd prefer ignoring that warning to make the
CE> script artificially executeable


Ok. Can I make override for it.
Thanks for help



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